Good Christian Education is foundational to us. Paul’s advice to Timothy is vital, if one has to successfully finish well in ministry and in life. II Tim. 3:15-17; 4:12-16. A man’s greatest resource is not his library but himself. We need a proper balance in every sphere of life, therefore a good education is necessary to last in ministry. 

  • Education and Study for each individual through 
  • Sunday morning school of wisdom
  • Thursday evening Cell Groupings
  • Saturday Standard Ministry Training
  • Bible School, affiliated with Tabernacle bible College & Seminary, Tampa, Florida 
  • Conferences
  • Standard Bible Club
  • Recreational activities (indoor and outdoor)
  • Musical Concerts- L.G.M.I organising musical concerts as part of our evangelistic programmes with W.C.I
  • Cultural Exchange programmes (Beyond The Cultures)
  • Tours- Ministry Tours are organized to Rome, Venice, Florence and other historic places
    of Italy.

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